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after your appointment

please read to know how to best take care of your new investment


Rinse your brows morning and night with just water, for the first few days. Avoid getting any face wash, shampoo, serums and moisturizers on your brows for the first few days. 


Pat your brows dry with a clean paper towel, no rubbing

warm up a pea size amount of the after inked provided, and apply in a thin layer 3-4 times daily. 

continue for the next 7 days

DO NOT pick, rub or scratch your brows. They will itch, as itching is a sign of healing.


No underwater swimming, steam room, saunas, jacuzzis, heavy sweating or long hot showers for 7 days.

keep brow area free of makeup and skincare products while healing.


It is very important to remove lymph from lips to avoid heavy scabbing. Rinse with water to remove any dried lymph on the skin. Pat dry and apply a layer of vaseline.

Keep your lips moisturized at all times, do not let your lips dry out. This means reapply the vaseline often throughout the day.

Avoid: lipsticks, chapsticks, excessive sweating, saunas, pools, sunbathing, spicy foods, and kissing. Do not pick, rub or scratch your lips. Do not apply Neosporin or antibiotic ointments.

Expect lots of swelling and possible bruising.

on days 3-5 you will experience dry, flaky lips as though you have layered a matte lipstick

Lips will heal very light, and the color will gradually bloom back to a beautiful shade. Multiple sessions may be required to achieve pigmentation desired. A perfection session is included in the price, extra sessions may be needed and those have a charge.


Swelling and redness and bruising is to be expected immediately after the procedure It should subside within 24 hours. Afterwards eyes can feel puffy or swollen, heavy lids, light sensitivity and bloodshot eyes. Sleeping in a slightly elevated position can reduce residual swelling.

Splash your eyes every morning and evening with water, pat dry and apply vaseline sparingly throughout the day. It is important you apply the vaseline like you would eyeshadow, covering from the lash line to the crease. 

cold spoons can be applied in place of ice packs, for discomfort. You can continue to apply ice for the first 24 hours. 

When showering, make sure to wash your hair with your head tilted backwards to avoid soap from getting into the eyes. 

The following must be AVOIDED:

the use of cleansers, soaps and heavy creams. Makeup wipes will be your go to this week. 

DO NOT wear contact lenses for 48 hours

DO NOT use mascara until healed

DO NOT apply eye make for 7 days

DO NOT use eyelash curlers til healed

DO NOT use saline eyedrops

DO NOT pick or rub eyes

No underwater swimming, steam room, saunas, jacuzzis, heavy sweating or long hot showers for 7 days.

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