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lip blush tattoo

What is a lip blush tattoo?

Trust me, its not what you're thinking. Lip blush is softer alternative to a full color lip tattoo. Lip blush does not replace the need for lipstick, instead it helps define your natural lip shape that often fades and thins as we age. 

How long does it last?

2-7 years

What if I am prone to cold sores?

If you have had cold sores in the past, don't worry. Everyone getting a lip blush tattoo must contact their physician and ask for a prescription for valtrex (or maybe you already have it) for 1mg dose over 4 days. First dose is to be taken the day of the treatment, and the 3 subsequent days. 

You can also boost your immune system and lip health by taking L-lysine found in the vitamin isle.

Before the procedure:
avoid any supplements with blood thinning side effects. If you aren't sure then google it, as there are many.

avoid any blood thinning medications such as asprin and excedrin. If you need something for pain opt for a tylenol. 

avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to service.

*homeopathic arnica TABLETS started the day of the treatment and as you heal (will help with bruising) and purchased on amazon.

after the procedure:

ice your lips to reduce swelling.

No exercise 24-48 hours post treatment.

expect swelling for 24 hours.

expect flaky lips for about 5 days.

does it hurt?

yes. It is a tattoo on your face. numbing is used and I will try my best to get you comfortable, but expect moderate to mild pain.

The healing process:

Lip tattoo healing is pretty short.

about 3-5 days after treatment you will see flaking begin. It will feel as if you have layered on matte lipstick.

when all flakes are gone, it will appear as no color was retained. It will slowly come back, patchy at times, and you will not see the final, healed result for 6-8 weeks! Yes, that long!

touch ups:

for some clients, a touch up may be necessary. For a bolder lip, it could take up to three sessions. These touch up's are not included in the price and will be offered at a discounted rate.


unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for lip tattoo's. Here is a list of who are NOT candidates:

someone with diabetes

current pregnancy

someone with broken skin on the lips

allergies to makeup or colors

easily triggered post inflammatory  hyperpigmentation


active skin cancer on the lips

healing disorders

blood thinners (consult physician)

uncontrolled high blood pressure

HIV, AIDS or hepatitis 

acutane and steroids

currently taking antibiotics, must wait 2 weeks after round ends

✨ lip blush (I know I missed a spot, tha

Color: sweet Melissa and Tres pink

✨ lip blush ✨ Voted by Baltimore Style m
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client selfie

✨ just another look at these beauties ✨

color: sweet melissa and mauve

✨ lip blush tattoo✨ Voted by Baltimore S

color: sweet melissa and mauve

✨ lip blush tattoo ✨ used “sweet Melissa

color: sweet melissa and mauve

✨ lip blush before and after ✨ Voted by

color: bazooka mixed with sweet melissa

✨ lip blush ✨ Voted by Baltimore Style m

color: bazooka mixed with sweet melissa

Voted by Baltimore Style magazine reader

color: bazooka mixed with sweet melissa

✨ lip blush ✨ Voted by Baltimore Style m

color: mauve

✨ lip blush ✨Voted by Baltimore Style ma

color: mauve

✨ lip blush ✨ Voted by Baltimore Style m

color: mauve

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