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touch up appointments

Sometimes, clients aren't sure when is the right time for a touch up. Is it after a year? sooner? What if your brows still look great after a year or two or even 3? Is a touch up necessary? 

Most clients can wait 3-5 years in between touch ups! Why? Keep reading:

  • permanent makeup has come a long way over the past few years. We understand now how color heals in the skin, and have formulated pigments that not only look better, they last longer!

  • blades that we use are sharper then ever, meaning more color is implanted into the skin.

  • Pigments are made up of both organic and inorganic pigments, lasts longer then just organic pigments alone.

  • microblading fades faster on oily skin

  • your lifestyle will affect the healing. If you sweat or swim a lot and are out in the sun often then you will see your microblading discolor and fade faster

  • Your skincare routine- anti-aging products or acne products will speed up how fast your brows fade.

here are things to look for to know if the time is right:

  • can you not leave the house without applying makeup to them?

  • have your brows faded by 50-75%

  • is the shape lacking definition?

  • are the borders faded or difficult to see?

  • are the strokes no longer visible?

  • has the color shifted cool or warm?

if you have answered YES to THREE OR MORE of these above guidelines, then yes, it's time for a touch up. 

examples of brows that aren't ready for touch ups

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